Day 5
Leave Las Vegas  Nevada    - Tusayan Arazona     4 hours 44 min 271 miles
We hit the highway out of Las Vegas and spend the day making our way to the Grand Canyon,  on the way we'll ride over Hoover Dam.

From there we'll ride on to Kingman, considered the Heart of historic Route 66 and some say "one of the hidden treasures of Arizona" ( I don't think so ) , Kingman is located on Interstate 40 and  the  launching point for "Route 66 and Beyond".  Historic charm,  cafes and restaurants, and the allure of Route 66 calling.....

During our stop here we can visit the Historic Route 66 Museum, (admission $4) and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts that recount the travels on Route 66, depicting the World War II era and the early days of railroading, mining and ranching.  Kingmans elevation of around 3,300 feet and offers a temperate climate year-round.

Williams is the next town often referred to as referred to as the Gate Way to the Grand Canyon 
But Tusayan is really the Gateway ......

Williams Historic Downtown District covers six square blocks and includes the Grand Canyon Railway Depot and Hotel. There's some great souvenir stores here.  The town boasts a rich heritage that features the Old West and route 66

Tusayan, this town is really at the gate way to the Grand Canyon National park.... we'll be camping here for the night ( motel)

Depending on the time... we can go take a peak at the canyon if we want

And You Wont Believe the view  with your own EYES