Day 0        Wednesday       1st August
Day 1Thursday    2nd August      Brisbane             -Los Angeles7,183 Miles
Day 2Friday 3rd August       Los AngelesZero
Day 3Saturday    4th AugustLos Angeles         -Las Vegas265 Miles
Day 4Sunday      5th August        Las Vegas            -Zero
Day 5 Monday     6th AugustLas Vegas     -Tusayan   271 Miles
Day 6Tuesday     7th August      Tusayan                -Durango   318 Miles
Day 7Wednesday        8th August      Durango        -Aspen      245 Miles
Day 8       Thursday    9th AgustAspen            -Cheyenne295 Miles

Day 9       Friday        10th August     Cheyenne             -Rapids city      290 Miles

Day10      Saturday    11th August     Stay Sturgis
Day11      Sunday      12th August     Stay Sturgis

Day12Monday 13th August ( Spare Day  ) Mover to Day  0

Day13       Tuesday 14th August Rapid city-Buffaloo213 Miles
Day14Wednesday   15th August        Buffalo                    -Yellowstone 315 Miles
Day15Thursday16th August       Yellowstone             -Idaho Falls   284 Miles
Day16Friday    17th August       Idaho Falls-Elko      327 Mils
Day17       Saturday18th AugustElko    -Reno    290 Miles
Day18       Sunday  19th AugustReno   -Rio Dell335 Miles
Day19      Monday   20th AugustRio Dell      -San Fran     246 Miles
Day20      Tuesday   21st AugustSan Fran    -Grover Beach 190 Miles
Day21      Wednesday    22nd August       Grover BeaLA
Day22      Thursday 23rd AugustLA       Catch Up Days
Day23      Friday     24th August LACatch Up Days
Day24Saturday      25th August  LA Catch Up Days
Day25       Sunday 26th August  LA to      Brisbane    7183 Miles

Would Arrive Home Tues 28th

Trip includes 4 Unscheduled Catch Up Days that can be included anywhere along the way 

I thinking we should put one unscheduled day in before Stugis,,,,,, that would move all dates before Sturgis back a day  … if we all agree to this our departure date from Brisbane would be   Wednesday the 1st of August

Remember the only fixed dates are

Departure     Suggested  Wed 1st August
Pick up BikesSuggestedThursday 2nd August
Sturgis accommodation 9’10’11th August
Drop off bikes       Suggested 25th August
Return home       Suggested25th or 26th August

Scroll Down and see movies Bellow

Please Note… These Are Cost Estimates

Its our estimate that your trip will cost around $6650+ for the rider, and  $3150+ for your pillion if you have one

You have options to either hire a bike or buy a bike and bring it home, if you choose to sell it, the trip most likely will have cost you nothing at all.....

Air Fare   $1350
Bike Hire                                      $3500  =   $  140  per Day  x 25 =
Accommodation  On the Trip                       $ 750   =   $ 30 per day each (Twin Share)
Accommodation   Sturgis                             $ 300   =   $100 per day each (Twin Share)
Fuel          $ ?
Food   est                                                     $ 750   =$30 per day

Other important  costs … Shopping and stuff

You may Consider the option of buying a bike and bringing it home   ( I have )
Bike                                $
Freight to Australia         $1000
Australian Compliance   $2500+
GST                                $                                   NO DUTY 

1 /  Keep it and enjoy
2 /  Sell it and pay for your tip

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